is your gateway to direct one to one contact with buyers and sellers from all over the world that are actively investing in the UK & USA. As large waves of international investors have been purchasing in UK & USA over the past 5 years we have found many international investors have struggled to find good investment real estate opportunities through conventional methods of MLS and Property Agents. We are 100% investor focused and do not consider any other forms of real estate unless is drives investment. Therefore, we created this platform purely as a place for all international investors to engage directly with sellers o UK and USA property. For sellers we provide direct access to investors from overseas who are driving the market right now with cash investment. No more middle man, overseas agents or daisy chains – This is the platform to go direct to the cash buyers from overseas.


  1. Exposure to qualified cash-ready international investors looking to buy UK & USA property.
  2. Detailed investment listing for your property including detailed text, photos and videos. 
  3. No dealing with middleman or paying overseas agents.
  4. Gain access to cash-ready international investors buying individual and bulk properties.
  5. Deal directly with individual properties.
  6. Grow your business through our marketing solutions to sell your properties overseas.
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